More than 1,500 workers across the db Group now have free access to a wide range of services offered by local NGO Caritas.

db Foundation partnered with Caritas on an Employee Assistance Programme which will create a safe space for employees of the db Group to seek counselling or social work assistance freely and with complete confidentiality.

Through the programme, db Group employees can anonymously seek support, which is then paid for by the db Foundation.

The partnership also includes psycho-social education through talks and workshops which help foster a culture of empowerment and understanding across the organisation.

This agreement was an initiative of the db Group Foundation,  headed by Dr. Sandra Sladden.

She commented: “In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to neglect our own wellbeing. It is therefore important for employers to ensure that their team members have access to high-quality assistance and the encouragement to seek professional help in confidence. It both a pleasure and a source of pride to work with Caritas to find the right solution for all the employees of the db Group.We highly recommend them to other employers looking to invest in such programmes.”

db Group CEO Robert Debono commented: “As a major employer in Malta it is our responsibility to care for our employees and ensure they get all the support they need to lead fulfilling lives at work and beyond it. We strongly believe in our duty of care. While we are proud to offer meaningful careers to thousands of people, we are seeing to it that our work does not stop there. We are also striving to offer holistic support and assistance.”

Anthony Gatt, Caritas Foundation Director said: “Caritas has been in Malta for the last 55 years, providing psycho-social support of various types. Through this partnership we will be offering db Group employees individual counselling but also seminars, motivational sessions and workshops to help build resilience. Db Foundation’s financial support will also help Caritas continue to reach the most vulnerable in our society.”

db Group is the local operator of Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe, and the proud owner of various top restaurants in Malta including Espiral, Manta, Tora, Loa, Aki, Amami, Nine Lives, Verani, Sonora, Weststreme and Blu Beach Club.

db Group also owns and runs the db Seabank Resort and Spa, the db San Antonio Resort and Spa, Melior Boutique Hotel and Porto Azzurro, and has joint ventures in the segments of contract catering, healthcare and education.