Property Development

Initially, the Group entered the property development market as a strategic move – to develop its own projects. Eventually, it expanded its operations to include other real estate ventures.

Property Development

Kika Construction and Kika Developments were set up in 1991 and 1995 respectively, to oversee the construction and upgrading of the db Seabank Resort + Spa extension projects. With an investment of €40 million, it was completed in a record 8-month period.

Additionally, Siar Property Investments Limited was later set up in order to develop and sell luxury apartments, a thriving market in Malta. Furthermore, the group continued to develop luxury apartments in Għadira and Mellieħa, leading to the formation of Għadira Property Investments Limited.

Our Brands

  • Ghadira Property Investment Limited
  • Siar Property Investments Limited
  • Kika Developments Company Limited
  • Kika Construction Company Limited
  • db San Gorg Property Limited